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With many years of experience in inovative solutions, at Synergetix we strive in assisting you with solutions for your business needs. With a broad range of platforms and product knowledge, we will gladly assist getting the most out of your infrastucture, supplying fast and reliable solutions in all fields. 


Synergetix Business Solutions

Have an idea to implement into your business but not sure how to go about getting your idea put into practice?

With our advanced technical team we turn ideas into reality, giving you the most innovative solutions to get you where you need to be!

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Digital Marketing

In the Digital Age we live in, Digital Marketing is one the best ways to stay ahead of the competition. With our expertise we help you to accomplish just that! 

We specialize in high quality digital branding and advertising across all independent digital platforms.

Hosting Solutions

Domain Search, Registration and Management

Reliable and Fast Shared, Cloud and VPS Hosting Solutions, including CPanel, WebMail and with the Advanced drag and drop Site Builder Pro.

Everything you need for Website and Mail Security including SSL Certificates, SPAM Protection and Intrusion Prevention.

SEO and SEM Solutions.


F5 Support

Using BigIP F5 devices on your network and need assistance with improving your application delivery?

Specialising in the F5 LTM module to improve performance, security and availability. Perfecting High Availability and Disaster Recovery infrastructures, and improve every aspect of successful application delivery.

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